1. The accommodation facility accommodates a guest after having been properly checked-in. For that purpose, the  guest  presents his/her identity card, passport or any other identification document.

2. The accommodation facility can provide (in special cases) alternative accommodation in same class.

3. The guest uses the assigned room for the period agreed with the accommodation facility.

4. Based on preliminary order, the hotel reserves an accommodation until 7:00 pm at the latest, if there doesn’t exist another deal.

5. If not agreed other way, the guest leaves the room until 11:00 am at the latest on the last day of his/her stay. If not, the accommodation facility can charge the fee for the following day as well.

6. The guest requesting the accommodation before 2:00 am is charged for the previous night too, supposing the room could not be occupied for the previous night.

7. In the period between 10:00 pm and 7:00 am, guests are requested to keep silence.

8. In case the guest asks for his/her stay extension, the accommodation facility has a right, to offer a different room and provide the accommodation only if possible.

9. Dogs, cats and other pets can be accommodated in the accommodation facily only with management approval. The pet must be clean and healthy.

10. There can be accommodated only healthy persons without infectious diseases in the rooms.

11. The guest can invite his/her guests to his/her room providing the receptionist agrees and signs the guest into the register. However, such visits are allowed only between 8 am and 10 pm.

12. Reception call: +420 735 755 015.

13. In the room the guest is not allowed to move the furniture, do any repairs or do any change concerning electricity wiring.

14. The guest is not allowed to use any electric devices brought to the room, except the devices using for his/her personal hygiene (i.e. hair-dryers, shaving and massage devices.), computers, mobile charging, etc.

15. When leaving the room, the guest is obliged to lock the room, switch off the lights and electric devices, and close the water faucets.

16. For safety reasons, it is not allowed to leave children up to 10 years of age without adult supervision in the room.

17. The guest is fully responsible for damage done to the accommodation facility property.

18. Our accommodation facility is non-smoking. Smoking is not allowed in the whole area of Dům U Pikové desítky. In case of smoking in room the accommodation facility will charge fee 5000,- CZK.

19. Complaints and special requirements are accepted by the accommodation facility management.

20. In case the guest does not respect the Accommodation rules, the accommodation facility management has a right to withdraw from contract of providing accommodation services before the agreed period expiring.



21. Dogs are required to wear a muzzle in the public accommodation facility area.

22. Pets are not allowed to stay in the accommodation facility (incl. a room) unattended by the pet owner.

23. Pets are not allowed to use beds, sofas and other furniture intended for guests.

24. For feeding a pet, the gust can use only equipment not intended for serving food to people.

25. The guest/pet owner or an accompanying person is responsible for the damage caused to the accommodation facility property by the pet.


Room damaging is charged by following extra fees:

Smoking in the room: 5.000,- CZK

Room walls painting: 3.000,- CZK

Mattress cleaning: a 3.000,- CZK

Biological contamination (urine, blood, etc.): 10.000,- CZK


Accommodation rules are valid from January 1st 2018